About Me

Words I wrote about myself...

I’m a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s in Animation and Game Design. Previously, I have¬†obtained an Associate’s degree in Simulation and Game Development from Guilford Technical Community College in 2013. While my associates degree focused on the programming aspect of video games–mainly for games in Unity, my bachelor’s degree has allowed me to explore the vast artistic side.

While I enjoy most aspects of game development and the creation of animations, I’ve found myself drawn more and more into the world of environment art and creating environments and props.

I’m learning SO MUCH at my internship with Infuse Studio, that I’m practically scrambling to get new samples of my work done and up in my portfolio to display the new things I’ve learned, such as high-to-low poly modeling, texturing in Substance Painter, and so many new things in Unreal. The studio will be releasing new packs on the Unreal Marketplace as they become available, and I’ll be sure to add those to my portfolio as soon as I am able (and allowed) to!