Piano Prop

This was a piano I modeled for a larger environment. I wanted to practice more complex hard surfaces. The inside was the hardest in terms of how I wanted to approach the modeling. I knew that since it was going to be a prop, I didn’t want to spend a ton of my polys on it, but that it would be an important focal piece, so I could spend more on it than I did other props.

I knew right away that I didn’t want to model every single thing inside, but that I wanted the strings to stand out. So I found a good shot of the inside of a piano and modified it to fit the shape of the piano I had modeled on a plane and used alpha masking to mask out areas so that you could see through the spaces between the strings and other such parts. But it still looked flat.

Around the time, I’d seen a video of a GTA mod where someone had turned their car into a piano, and noticed that that model had a plan for the insides as well, but had modeled out just a few of the metal bars.

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